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Stop Spending on Developers

Stop Spending on Developers

Headway Themes is the ultimate do-it-yourself tool, so take control and learn how to build a great website without spending thousands on developers and designers.

Get All the Answers in One Place

Get All the Answers in One Place

Headway101 is the #1 resource for learning Headway Themes. Basics, customization ideas, website optimization, you can find it all here and learn what you need to grow.

Learn Your Way

Learn Your Way

Headway101 has both video and written tutorials, so you can learn headway themes your way, at your pace.

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Charlotte Ryan

I bloody LOVE you!! I am in the process of building my own site with Headway and everything I have wanted to do your tutorials have made possible. I might also be starting to understand code and child themes and custom fonts and all sorts of malarchy I never thought I’d ‘get’!

An incredible resource, your time and effort in providing this is MUCH appreciated and I’m super excited at what I’ve been able to accomplish.

Leonard Sisson

Thanks for making such outstanding resources available on Headway Themes. Until I started working through the tutorial videos you graciously offer for free I wasn’t even making much Headway learning Headway :)

Eric Earle

I’m new to the online developing world and I find your site, tutorials, and knowledge to be fantastic. You’ve been a great help to my personal headway knowledge development.

Rob Campbell

Totally unsolicited praise…

I’ve been researching frameworks and after finding your site I’m pretty much set on Headway. Your style is awesome, clear, and informative. If I go with Headway it’ll be largely due to your site.

Elaine Wildash

As a company we use the Headway themes for WordPress on a regular basis when building WordPress websites for our clients and although there is documentation on the Headway site there have been a number of occasions where we have had to search for help and its not always been easy to find. That was until we came across Headway101. Headway101 provides tutorial videos, resources, tips and advice and an excellent community forum. Questions are answered quickly and everyone (especially Corey) is extremely helpful. We’ve signed up for lifetime access as we know that not only is the site an excellent resource, it also provides fantastic value for money time and time again. Thanks Corey!

Terri Kash

Headway101 Subscriber

I will be sticking around for at least another year – 101 is such a good resource IMHO [in my opinion] the best one out there. My complements.

Frank Gomez

Frank's Designs

Headway 101 is a great resource for new and experienced users of Headway Theme. With simple explanations of how things work and code snippets that help solve common problems Headway 101 takes some of the mystery out of how to get things done.

Misty Young

The Restaurant Lady

I’m totally totally a beginner web builder, but the big goal for me was I wanted to be in charge, do what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it and not be hostage to a “webmaster” I know that term doesn’t even exist anymore.

Anyway, I’d had enough of people not doing what they said they’d do or not replying and long story short, your videos kicked my ass, rocked my world, gave me confidence and allowed me to move forward fast.

Michele Wong

Clean Slate Webs

Corey Freeman is a great asset to the Headway community. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable, but she is also very generous with her time and resources. I’ve been using Headway Themes in my website design business for the past year. With Headway101’s tutorials and help, I had my sites up and running in short order. Headway101 provides valuable support to users of all levels of experience.

Alex Kuzelicki Subscriber

Oh my God! I know you’re young but you are definitely what the Headway community needs: someone who knows Headway but also knows how to explain it simply and clearly. It sounds so easy but, apparently, it’s not because you are literally the only one I’ve found that can do it well. I don’t want to become an expert at Headway – just want to know how to put a site up with reasonable functionality – but the tutorials I found online that you made convinced me that your membership site was worth paying for.

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