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Learning Can Be Frustrating...

Every successful business and entrepreneur needs a website, and creating websites isn't as easy as ordering pizza. But Headway Themes can drastically cut website development time and save you thousands of dollars in custom design & development fees. But first, you have to learn how to use it.

After working with countless clients, I've found that the #1 issue Headway users experience is simply knowing what the buttons do. It's not a matter of skill level or technological prowess. Learning Headway is simply a matter of ticking the right boxes...

  • How do you upload your logo?
  • How do you style text?
  • How do you get content into the content block?

The answers to questions like these (along with some design trial and error) greatly empower users to get their businesses online in less time with more flexibility.

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  • Video overviews of each built-in Headway block
  • Long-form videos on building specific kinds of websites
  • Downloadable PDF guides
  • Downloadable example add-ons
  • Members-Only Q&A Forums

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"How does anyone ever learn this stuff without you?" ~ RT

"Well worth the money." ~ Gary Meister

"Your tutorials make this website my first visit every time I need guidance." ~ Bryce

"Headway 101 is by far the best resource I have found for learning how to use Headway. The tutorials are clear and easy to follow, and the forums allow you to get quick help for your specific problems. As a new user of Headway and WordPress, I was floundering until I found Headway 101. Thanks Corey!" ~ Anita Weller

"Just in case, you have the extra money and would like to spend it on video tutorials I have found a pretty cool site designed by Corey Freeman at" -

Corey Freeman

Meet the Professor: Corey Freeman

My name is Corey Freeman, and I'm here to teach you how to use Headway Themes.

I love Headway. I've been building sites with Headway since its release in 2009, and was even chosen to be the first support forum moderator. Now, I dedicate my time to making Headway even easier to use and helping members of all experience levels become Headway Themes masters.

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