Four Digital Marketing and SEO Strategies you Must Implement in 2018

Digital Marketing 2018

Digital marketing and SEO continue to be in flux.
There’s nothing more important than being on the tip of your toes as a digital marketer or website owner. Too many people ignore these realities and end up following an inefficient strategy. To produce positive change, it’s best to maximize your setup in 2017.
What should you be looking to do as a digital marketer in 2018?
Here are the top four digital marketing and SEO strategies to incorporate into your setup as soon as possible.

Video Marketing

Yes, you have to start looking at visuals to see how you can dominate.
Site owners who think they’ll rank with a text-heavy site are in for a real surprise. This isn’t going to work, and the only thing that will happen is your descent down the rankings. This is why it’s become important to think about how you’re strategizing for the future.
The reason has a lot to do with creating well-rounded content that’s going to work well in all situations. If you think it’s going to be okay on its own, you are not going to like the results at all. This is why you want to think about video sharing as soon as you can.
The reason video sharing is powerful has a lot to do with its future-friendly vibe. You are looking for a solution that is built for the future as people continue to watch videos on YouTube and other related streaming sites. You want to cash in on this SEO traffic from Youtube and make sure it is rounding out your backlink portfolio. If not, you are going to lose out.

AMP and Page Speed

What is the one thing that is going to continue to grow when it comes to SEO? The world of mobile!
You are looking at people who are investing in a good smartphone, and that’s all they use, or they’re going out to get a new tablet for the same reason. If you’re looking at this unprepared, you’re going to be a step behind.
This is where you need to prepare the site to focus on AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages. If you don’t have these on your site, the SEO campaigns will fall apart before they get going. Older themes are just not going to cut it.
Google recently put out a new Webmaster Blog stating Page Speed is effecting Mobile Search Rankings. Optimizing your site for SPEED will continue to be a factor to get more customers to your website and thru to a conversion. Slow sites will continue to encourage visitors to look elsewhere so don’t slack on this factor.

Dense, High-Quality Content

Yes, the days of 400-500 word articles are well in the past.
You are just not going to rank for them, and it is an utter waste of your time to look at writing them. The goal is to create content that is engaging. This means you have to aim for 1500-2000 words of good content. In a study from Backlinko, the first result average content length is almost 1900 words! Better get writing!.
SEO campaigns that don’t bank on this are risking everything because it will lead to diminishing results. A 500-word article is just not going to help you out.

Long-Tail Keywords

Yes, these are going to be of great assistance to the rest of your campaign.
You want to beef up your site’s traffic numbers by looking at long-tail keywords. These are keywords that are 4-5 words in length. You just want to target them because they are “low competition” keywords. This means not everyone in your niche is lining up for them.
If you don’t look at long-tail keywords, you’re just not going to do as well as you want. It’s important to use these keywords to round out your strategy for 2017.
These are strategies that are going to change things forever. You shouldn’t be looking to stick to age-old methods that might have worked in the past but are a waste of time now. Yes, they might even bring in results but are you maximizing your potential?
In most cases, you’re a step behind, and that’s going to let someone else swoop in and dominate.
Is that what you want in the future? No, you want to get out in front of this as soon as possible, and the best way to do this is to use these strategies proven by SEO companies. They’re going to change things in a way that will ensure your website moves in the right direction.

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