Next Big Things in Web Design

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What are the next big things in the world of web design?

Web design has come a long way. JavaScript hit the scene first to provide engaging websites. Content Management Systems came in next as a game-changer. In 2018, responsive design reigns supreme. But what’s next? Artificial intelligence driving web design? It could be, but that’s miles off. We should look at things like Voice User Interface (VUI), Visual Development and Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

Visual Development

During web design/development projects, many companies find a disconnect between their designer and programmer. A designer visualizes what the app or website should look like. Then it’s left up to the programmer to comprehend and implement that vision. It isn’t a bad system, but an improvement comes in handy.

Visual development bridges the gap between developer and designer. It allows creatives to code instead of creating mockups. This way, websites can be built quickly and efficiently. With visual development, there’s no need to integrate hard coding. Visual tools and content management systems build the code on your behalf as you design your landing pages.

For years, entrepreneurs and creatives have taken classes, trained themselves how to code, or shelled out thousands of dollars to build websites the ‘old-school’ way through WordPress and coding. While visual development is in the works, it’s exciting to see where it’s heading.

Progressive Web Apps

For websites that don’t render properly on smartphones, responsive web design is the remedy. To make the site fast and user-friendly, a progressive web app is requisite. A PWA offers the look of an app – but on a mobile site. Using responsive techniques, it formats the web page for users to view it on a screen of any size.

Retailers that have tested this new technology sing its praises. Dramatic results include a better conversion rate and an increased average order value. Considering how a website looks like on smartphones and how Google ranks websites in search results, retailers should upgrade to responsive design and embrace progressive web apps.

Voice UIs

People used to hate any VUI they came along. Now technology has caught up. Hound is a product that enables you to add smart voice searching to your app. This voice-powered digital assistant is easy to talk to and ask questions. In fact, it performs tasks for you straight away.

VUI is better than screen. There are contexts where it’s a useful replacement for an old-style app.

  • Complex Interactions – If users take many steps to find something on your website, they can express that item in words.
  • Hands-free – It’s advantageous being able to use both of your hands.
  • Platform Integration – Android and iOS have APIs that allow users to access their apps’ content and functions via voice.

Voice is one of man’s oldest and most humane technologies. It’s an answer to many interactions. Avoiding a screen – especially desktop and mobile – lets us focus our attention on things that really matter. Change is coming in the form of VUI for web design. Be ready to abandon your ‘screen-based’ comfort zone.

Now that you know what’s trending, jump on the bandwagon! Make sure you work with a web design agency like that adapts to trends. See what Argon Design do on their website.

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Four Digital Marketing and SEO Strategies you Must Implement in 2018

Digital Marketing 2018

Digital marketing and SEO continue to be in flux.
There’s nothing more important than being on the tip of your toes as a digital marketer or website owner. Too many people ignore these realities and end up following an inefficient strategy. To produce positive change, it’s best to maximize your setup in 2017.
What should you be looking to do as a digital marketer in 2018?
Here are the top four digital marketing and SEO strategies to incorporate into your setup as soon as possible.

Video Marketing

Yes, you have to start looking at visuals to see how you can dominate.
Site owners who think they’ll rank with a text-heavy site are in for a real surprise. This isn’t going to work, and the only thing that will happen is your descent down the rankings. This is why it’s become important to think about how you’re strategizing for the future.
The reason has a lot to do with creating well-rounded content that’s going to work well in all situations. If you think it’s going to be okay on its own, you are not going to like the results at all. This is why you want to think about video sharing as soon as you can.
The reason video sharing is powerful has a lot to do with its future-friendly vibe. You are looking for a solution that is built for the future as people continue to watch videos on YouTube and other related streaming sites. You want to cash in on this SEO traffic from Youtube and make sure it is rounding out your backlink portfolio. If not, you are going to lose out.

AMP and Page Speed

What is the one thing that is going to continue to grow when it comes to SEO? The world of mobile!
You are looking at people who are investing in a good smartphone, and that’s all they use, or they’re going out to get a new tablet for the same reason. If you’re looking at this unprepared, you’re going to be a step behind.
This is where you need to prepare the site to focus on AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages. If you don’t have these on your site, the SEO campaigns will fall apart before they get going. Older themes are just not going to cut it.
Google recently put out a new Webmaster Blog stating Page Speed is effecting Mobile Search Rankings. Optimizing your site for SPEED will continue to be a factor to get more customers to your website and thru to a conversion. Slow sites will continue to encourage visitors to look elsewhere so don’t slack on this factor.

Dense, High-Quality Content

Yes, the days of 400-500 word articles are well in the past.
You are just not going to rank for them, and it is an utter waste of your time to look at writing them. The goal is to create content that is engaging. This means you have to aim for 1500-2000 words of good content. In a study from Backlinko, the first result average content length is almost 1900 words! Better get writing!.
SEO campaigns that don’t bank on this are risking everything because it will lead to diminishing results. A 500-word article is just not going to help you out.

Long-Tail Keywords

Yes, these are going to be of great assistance to the rest of your campaign.
You want to beef up your site’s traffic numbers by looking at long-tail keywords. These are keywords that are 4-5 words in length. You just want to target them because they are “low competition” keywords. This means not everyone in your niche is lining up for them.
If you don’t look at long-tail keywords, you’re just not going to do as well as you want. It’s important to use these keywords to round out your strategy for 2017.
These are strategies that are going to change things forever. You shouldn’t be looking to stick to age-old methods that might have worked in the past but are a waste of time now. Yes, they might even bring in results but are you maximizing your potential?
In most cases, you’re a step behind, and that’s going to let someone else swoop in and dominate.
Is that what you want in the future? No, you want to get out in front of this as soon as possible, and the best way to do this is to use these strategies proven by SEO companies. They’re going to change things in a way that will ensure your website moves in the right direction.

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SEO Myths Busted

SEO Myths Busted

Big, awfully wrong SEO myths busted

In the world of SEO, misinformation abounds. Reading a few books and blogs and talking to some industry experts helps. But in those readthroughs and conversations, some of the information is incorrect or misleading. An expert SEO company in Australia, Gray SEO Global, reveals some of the myths you should move beyond.

Myth 1: Meta Tags Boost Your Rankings
Not anymore. In fact, Google and Bing no longer index meta tags. But don’t ignore them. Meta tags form the text that appears alongside your link in the search results. A compelling description compels users to visit your listing instead of others.

Myth 2: More Inbound Links, Better Results
Not true. Google, in its recent algorithm update, has made it a priority to phase-out quantity and embrace quality. Driving up rankings using thousands of inferior links is history. Actually, creating such links can look spammy, and Google won’t hesitate to penalize your site. Focus on getting links from websites that are relevant to your business. Accompany those links with relevant text.

Myth 3: PageRank Still Matters
Google’s infamous PageRank is a ranking of the website’s overall dominance. On a score of 1-to-10, SEO experts were able to determine whether a site is doing well or not. Often it was, the bigger the number; the higher the rank. But today, even though PageRank still exists, Google’s algorithm doesn’t rely on single indicators. Instead, it looks at factors like context and relevance.

Myth 4: Google Favours Keyword-Rich Domains
Years ago, keywords in the domain name were Google’s main focus. For instance, would also rank in a search for artificial plant shop. That’s a thing of the past. Google is now doing things differently. Instead of ranking a website using the domain name, this search giant establishes how relevant and authoritative the site is. Ace the topic, and you hit the jackpot.

Myth 5: Websites Must Be “Submitted” to Search Engines
In 2001, this was the norm, but not at all in 2017 and beyond. Currently, if there’s any connection or link from another site to yours, Google will discover your site quickly. Note that indexing is very different from achieving high rankings. So that first step of submission is not helpful or needed anymore.

Myth 6: Good SEO Is All About Trickery
False, false, false! However, there are some unscrupulous SEOs that go about their business attempting to “trick Google”. Trickery is not a shortcut to rank highly or an ideal way to provide good, effective and lasting SEO. Good search engine optimization is about creating an informative and relevant website with great user experience and unique content. You know an SEO agency is professional if they encourage the distribution or sharing of great content. Such a practice drives organic traffic and quality links to your website.

In the end, it’s not a battle of wits between you and Google. Do what is right, and Google will reward you with high rankings. Tricking search engines, especially using black hat techniques, will only push your website to the edge of penalization, and eventually, extinction.

Let the hands of an expert, such as Gray SEO Global – Sydney SEO look after your search engine marketing.

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Stop Managing Your Own SEO and Let Green Genie Do the Job

SEO or search engine optimization is now considered as an important strategy for the business success and it is becoming more relevant. In fact, lots of people are ditching laptops and desktops in favor of the mobile-only devices. The reason behind it is that the conversion rates on the smartphones are fifteen times higher from the searches than as a result of the social media recommendations. 

SEO could bring you lots of value and here are the reasons why you should hire a pro like Green Genie SEO:

SEO Isn’t Easy.

If you think SEO is simple, better think twice. The truth is that an effective SEO method covers lots of ground. There are several technical considerations that are particular to your site, user experience, content optimization, effective backlinking, and so on. Aside from that, optimization for some emerging rank factors should also be considered. With the help of Green Genie SEO, it can execute and recommend the best strategies.

Mistakes May Hurt You.

Not every SEO is actually good SEO. Several tactics could hurt your rank in search or could get you penalized. Steer clear of duplicating content, cloaking, using unrelated keywords, stuffing keywords, and getting artificial backlinks. An SEO professional like Green Genie SEO knows the ways to avoid pitfalls and repair any implementation mistakes that you have made already.

Rules Continue to Change.

Though you take your free time reading five books on search engine optimization and be a self-taught professional, it is a temporary expertise. Google rolls out minor and major algorithm changes on a regular basis. This does not even include the changes they do not tell you about. Several of them rewrite SEO rulebook. As an internet market, you do not have much resources and time to understand, optimize, and identify every change that Google makes. It is the job of professionals like Green Genie SEO to pay attention to the algorithm changes and how they could affect SERPs. Green Genie SEO understands how to monitor for the updates that are under the radar.

Professionals Have the Right and Best Tools

The resources abound to help you develop effective SEO campaign. However, you are a busy marketer, so you might not know about some of these. Others even cost more money than the budget you have allows.

With advanced analytics programs, it offers some features that Google Analytics cannot provide. The premium keyword research tools offer greater context as well as extra insights into competition, search volume, and keyword relevance. Professionals like Green Genie SEO invests in the best software to enhance your website’s SEO. Other than that, they will know what best apps to use. 

Hire Green Genie SEO Ottawa today because it knows how to do SEO the proper way and always take advantage of the dividends that you can find with other marketing strategies. So, if you want to boost your sales today, let Green Genie SEO do the job for you.

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pro seo company

Why You Should Invest In The Services Of a Professional SEO Company

SEO is something that has become a necessity for businesses to implement. In order to achieve success in the competitive marketplace, businesses must look to implement various cost-effective marketing strategies to boost overall sales. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best strategies you can implement into your marketing mix for a variety of reasons. In this particular article, we will be going over some of the most prominent reasons to hire a professional SEO company to assist in the implementation of SEO into your business.

4 Reasons To Invest In The Services Of a Professional SEO Agency:

1. Experience.
The most significant reason to go after a professional SEO firm is that of the experience factor. When it comes to maximizing your results with your SEO efforts, nothing is going to be as important as the level of experience one has with the industry itself. This is because SEO happens to be one of the most dynamic industries. Thus, you want someone that knows the in’s and out’s of it and how to effectively adapt to major changes that take place. Because search engine providers are constantly changing their algorithms, it can cause havoc to your rankings if you are not completely familiar with what goes on with these changes and if you are unable to adapt. A local SEO company with experience is much better suited to be able to effectively adapt to these changes than someone without the experience in doing so. For the top SEO agency in the Greater Vancouver area contact Superb Systems SEO Burnaby and make sure to mention that Headway101 referred you!

2. Results.
When it comes to being able to get the best results from your SEO efforts, nothing is going to allow you to get as good of results as a professional SEO company or consultant. The right SEO company is fully capable of maximizing your rankings and results that you can get from the implementation of SEO strategies because they understand what strategies are most effective, which strategies might not be as cost-effective, and what to do in the event of an algorithm change. Without this type of insider knowledge on the industry, you might spend a lot of your time, money, and energy on short-term strategies that could be completely ineffective over the long haul. Having the required experience with the industry and knowing what works and what doesn’t will allow a professional SEO expert to generate much better results both over the short and long term. This is especially true when combined with a modern web desin for your website.

3. Save Time.
Another reason you should consider hiring a professional SEO expert is due to its ability to maximize your time. Because a local SEO company like SEO in Vancouver has the staff on hand to help implement the strategies needed to see results, it is not going to clog up your own time or the time of your valuable employee’s. As a result, you will be able to continue focusing on other result producing activities in your organization. Saving time is a major advantage that you can get when it comes to outsourcing your SEO efforts because SEO is something that can be very time consuming. Having professionals handling the implementation of SEO for you will allow you to focus on other things going on with your business.

4. Gain a Competitive Advantage.
If your competition has not already hired their own search marketing company to assist them, doing so will allow you to be able to gain a significant competitive advantage which can prove to be very valuable for your business. Because you will have professionals that know what works and what doesn’t in the industry, you should be able to achieve better ranking results which can allow you to absorb a lot of the buying traffic on the search engines. This alone will provide your business with a significant competitive advantage because you will be spending less on your marketing efforts. Because you will be able to generate more targeted traffic organically, it is going to allow you to place even more emphasis on other marketing areas of your business which can help to boost your overall sales.

In conclusion, there are a lot of reasons you will want to consider outsourcing your SEO efforts to a SEO company. By doing so, you should be able to maximize your traffic, boost conversions, and gain significant market share in your respective industry. Having a professional company that knows what they are doing will allow you to achieve even better results and much more cost effective implementation of SEO strategies

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5 Trends for Website Design in 2017

Discover the latest trends in the business website design.

What to look for in you small business website design? Mistakes that you should avoid that can cost you a fortune.

I have seen so many business owners making one and the same mistakes. However, the more successful one learn from the beginning how to navigate in the digital marketing world like a pro.

Here are some of the common mistakes:

  • Thery don’t hire a professional and try to save money by hiring their cousin kid
  • Tey don’t start with the end goal in mind – Conversion – What will be the end goal of the website? What they want the visitor to do what they land on their website?
  • Thay forget the main component of traffic – Most of them think that if they have a website it will magically rank on top of search engines like Google and the traffic will start to pour. The reality is that their website will be invisible to the customers that they target.

To prevent those costly mistakes hire a professional SEO company and watch how your business grow.

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