Next Big Things in Web Design

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What are the next big things in the world of web design?

Web design has come a long way. JavaScript hit the scene first to provide engaging websites. Content Management Systems came in next as a game-changer. In 2018, responsive design reigns supreme. But what’s next? Artificial intelligence driving web design? It could be, but that’s miles off. We should look at things like Voice User Interface (VUI), Visual Development and Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

Visual Development

During web design/development projects, many companies find a disconnect between their designer and programmer. A designer visualizes what the app or website should look like. Then it’s left up to the programmer to comprehend and implement that vision. It isn’t a bad system, but an improvement comes in handy.

Visual development bridges the gap between developer and designer. It allows creatives to code instead of creating mockups. This way, websites can be built quickly and efficiently. With visual development, there’s no need to integrate hard coding. Visual tools and content management systems build the code on your behalf as you design your landing pages.

For years, entrepreneurs and creatives have taken classes, trained themselves how to code, or shelled out thousands of dollars to build websites the ‘old-school’ way through WordPress and coding. While visual development is in the works, it’s exciting to see where it’s heading.

Progressive Web Apps

For websites that don’t render properly on smartphones, responsive web design is the remedy. To make the site fast and user-friendly, a progressive web app is requisite. A PWA offers the look of an app – but on a mobile site. Using responsive techniques, it formats the web page for users to view it on a screen of any size.

Retailers that have tested this new technology sing its praises. Dramatic results include a better conversion rate and an increased average order value. Considering how a website looks like on smartphones and how Google ranks websites in search results, retailers should upgrade to responsive design and embrace progressive web apps.

Voice UIs

People used to hate any VUI they came along. Now technology has caught up. Hound is a product that enables you to add smart voice searching to your app. This voice-powered digital assistant is easy to talk to and ask questions. In fact, it performs tasks for you straight away.

VUI is better than screen. There are contexts where it’s a useful replacement for an old-style app.

  • Complex Interactions – If users take many steps to find something on your website, they can express that item in words.
  • Hands-free – It’s advantageous being able to use both of your hands.
  • Platform Integration – Android and iOS have APIs that allow users to access their apps’ content and functions via voice.

Voice is one of man’s oldest and most humane technologies. It’s an answer to many interactions. Avoiding a screen – especially desktop and mobile – lets us focus our attention on things that really matter. Change is coming in the form of VUI for web design. Be ready to abandon your ‘screen-based’ comfort zone.

Now that you know what’s trending, jump on the bandwagon! Make sure you work with a web design agency like that adapts to trends. See what Argon Design do on their website.

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